About Junior Jobs

Helping junior professionals find (awesome) remote jobs since 2022.

A short story

Hey, I’m G, the founder of Remote Junior Jobs. I am a senior professional who grew up in the 90s before the internet. I worked in an office (ew, I know) as a fresh graduate and learned a couple of things: we should never deploy something on a Friday after 5 PM, and we also don’t need to be confined in a room to get work done.

The world is big, and with a laptop and good internet connection, you can work from a tent in the mountains, a Starbucks shop, or even from your couch. So, I decided to move to a remote job because a ping pong table and free coffee aren’t “great benefits”.


After twelve years working in the tech industry (five of them remotely), I met brilliant people from the UK to Morocco. I hired and trained juniors who are now essential assets to the company besides great colleagues.

Now, the goal is to help junior professionals, from fresh graduates to autodidactic, connect with companies looking to invest in long terms growth relationships.

If your company is looking for remote positions for enthusiastic junior professionals, it’s time to post the job opportunity now!